Tomatoes: How to Grow Your Best Crop Yet

Jul 26 , 2019

Tomatoes: How to Grow Your Best Crop Yet

It’s deep mid-winter in our part of the world right now and we’d rather be by the fire warming up with a nice cuppa than shivering in the garden. The best garden job at this time of the year is, thankfully, the most fun – planning for the warmer seasons to come. I’m currently going through tomatoes – there’s so many varieties to choose from – and it got me thinking.

On a cold winter’s day, I often find myself thinking back to the tomatoes of late summer, warmed by the sun, ripe, juicy, and absolute perfection. This year’s bumper crops were well-supported by the frames because of the unique configuration the frames allow – that and a bit of playing, meccano-style, something we highly recommend you do. Who says gardening can’t be fun?

We created an open vase-like structure with the frame components. Most commercial tomato structures (also called cages – a caged tomato sounds like an unhappy tomato) are suitable for a single plant, but crowd and cramp the plant. By building our tomato frame we found we could grow 4 plants per structure – a much better use if you have limited garden space.

Starting low, to support the seedlings, you then build upward with the legs. You’ll need to thread some sort of string through the holes, something we do using a bodkin bought from a local sewing shop. This structure allows for good airflow – essential when growing tomatoes, especially in humid areas – and sunlight to get to every leaf, and it makes picking the fruit a doddle. This has been by far the best way to grow tomatoes we've found yet!