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Flexi Garden Tree Frame - 2 metres tall

At 2 metres tall and 1.3 diagonally across the top, the Tree A Frame is easy to assemble and ideal for smaller trees, as well as being the perfect shape to easily throw protective netting over. The frame also comes with 4 leg spikes to secure the frame to the ground and 4 made to measure net clamps to attach your netting. Keep the fruit for yourself by keeping birds and insects away.

Like all our frames, it can be easily extended by using straight elbows to connect extra leg lengths to the legs going to the ground – to make the frame taller, or off the hub to make it wider. See how to make a tee frame at - How to build a Flexi Garden Frames Tree Frames - YouTube

For trees up to 2.5 metres tall and 2 wide see 2.5 Tree Frame.

If you require netting for the frame, you will need 6 x 6 metres. Click here to purchase with this order.

Includes all components, plus 4 leg spikes and 4 made to measure net clamps.

* Please note. Product does not come with netting.