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Strong and long lasting


When we designed Flexi Garden Frames, it was not just as a way to put protective netting over the plants, but also to help get the healthiest and most productive outputs from your garden.

So firstly, we created frames that were wide open, so plants were not jammed tight together creating unhealthy and cramped environments, and to also ensure as much air and light could get to the entire plant, essential for strong, healthy growth.

We knew from experience of using sticks and stakes around the garden bed as a frame, that once they were in the ground, it was almost impossible to get into the garden to weed and look after the plants without getting jabbed or impaled by them, making it very difficult to upkeep the garden to ensure its health. So again, we were very focused on creating frames that could sit at the corners of a bed, leaving the total length and width open so we could reach in and do what needed to be doing, whether that is planting, weeding or harvesting.

And just to round it off, we made the frames very light and easy to handle, so if you prefer, you can just lift the frame off the bed, netting and all, do your gardening and then replace it with ease.