Kits that include a range of different components to play with

Strong and long lasting

About Flexi Garden Frames®

It all started, like many good tales do, with a tragedy. One particularly windy weekend a beloved 25-year-old maple tree was blown over in our garden. After a few sad hours of chopping and chain-sawing, we – ever-hopeful - spotted an opportunity.

Some of the branches looked as though they’d make interesting plant protection, a way of stopping the wild ducks getting to our vegetable garden. It worked! We then turned our attention to other ways we could use these offcuts – it was a very big tree after all - to provide support for taller growing plants.

After seeing how well they performed, Flexi Garden Frames® was born. Then we asked ourselves – how can we help make gardens more productive? Can we help make gardening easier and enjoyable for everyone? How can we make the frames reusable for any situation and long lasting?

And so right here in Australia a world first was created – the only modular garden frame you will find anywhere. Modular, so you can take it apart and rebuild it to suit any garden type and any plant, providing a frame you can use year-round, from seed to harvest. Or bespoke the frame to solve your specific problem, as you can make them into any size or shape for the task needed.

Just like Meccano for gardeners, Flexi Garden Frames® come with a number of components that can be easily fitted together into many different shapes and sizes. You can tailor it to the job at hand, whether that is for a small courtyard, a balcony or large garden beds. You choose how you'd like to use them according to your garden's needs. Simple as that!

Ideal plant supports. Unlike sticks or garden stakes, Flexi Garden Frames® is not an impenetrable border but a frame that sits in amongst the plants so they can grow naturally in and around the frame, ideal for them and you also, as getting to the plants is so much easier.

As great garden ideas go, this is perfect. You don’t need to untie things or struggle with broken sticks or stakes, just lift, garden, return. You will be amazed at the difference that makes to your enjoyment and ease of working in the garden.