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Wicking Beds

We are thrilled to be in partnership with WaterUps, the leaders in providing wicking solutions that ensure your plants are never short of water. We have a large wicking bed with frame and fitted netting available to offer our customers. WaterUps® Flexi Garden Bed Cover – for Oasis 1680

What is wicking?

Wicking is the movement of water by ‘capillary action’, where water is drawn upwards due to surface tension and the interaction of adhesive and cohesive forces. This is what allows plants to draw up water and nutrients through their roots and up into the trunk and leaves of the plant.

In wicking beds, water is drawn up into the pore spaces in the soil to a height of about 350mm. Water wicking beds eliminate the problem of deciding when and how much to water. Plants in a wicking bed can last up to 4 weeks without additional watering, in contrast to surface watering, which can require daily watering depending on climatic conditions. Apart from the frequency of watering, there is a substantial saving of water itself in using the wicking method.

The video below shows how WaterUps® are used to create a highly efficient wicking bed.