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Climbing plants

Unless you have Jakes beanstalk, most climbing plants need to be supported and encouraged to climb, climb, climb and climb and we have the perfect frame for that, frames that peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and melons all love. The Flexi Garden Frames® legs have holes drilled though them so you can run a string line around the entire frame or drop one down from the top connecting leg so the plants can grow straight up it. Using a bodkin to thread the stringline through the legs makes the task easy.

And as your plants grow and climb, you can extend the frames to keep up with them and keep them climbing.

Espalier the plants along the string line and they will take over and grow around the entire frame. The open design lets plenty of light and air get to the entire plant, ideal for healthy, productive growth, as well as enabling you to easily reach in a pick, pick, pick away.