Kits that include a range of different components to play with

Strong and long lasting

100% Australian Made & Owned

Simple to Use Modular Design

Lightweight & Durable

What are Flexi Garden Frames?

Made and designed in Australia, the world’s first and only modular garden frame has been designed to make gardening easier and more productive. Long lasting, reconfigurable, lightweight and easy to work with, make any size and shaped frame you need for seedlings through to trees. Provides natural support for all climbing plants and the perfect shape to easily put protective netting over. No more hammering sticks into the ground, or trying to get them out again, and the open design lets lots of air and light get to the plants for healthy growth as well as enabling you to easily reach in to do your gardening. All available through this website.

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Building Tree Frames

Building Longer Frames with Vasili

Withstanding 35km/hr winds

Flexi Garden Supreme Frame

$98.95 AUD

Try out a wide range of components in this one kit and build the perfect frame for your garden and the plants you are growing. Lightweight, easy to use and put together, no more battling with sticks, stakes and ugly odds and ends.

No hammering or screwing things in place, easily extend your frame, change it or completely reconfigure the design through the year as plants grow and requirements change.


Flexi Garden Tree Frame - 2.5 metres tall.

Keep the fruit for yourself with out tallest and most popular tree frame sitting at 2.5 metres tall and 2 metres diagonally across.

With just 4 different components the design is easy to make and to put netting over.

The perfect tree frame that also includes leg spikes to secure frame to the ground and net clamps.

Flexi Garden Greenhouse Frame.

Set the greenhouse up over the garden bed where you want your seeds and seedlings to live to create a microclimate that will produce healthy, thriving plants and veggies quicker. No need to transplant.

On hot days, or to garden, remove clamps and fold back the film. When finished pull film back and reattach clamps. Done!

When you no longer need the greenhouse, remove the film and store for next year, then continue to use the frame to support your growing plants and to put protective netting or cloth over.

Now there is no longer any need to start your plants in a separate location and then transplant the seedlings to a permanent bed, always a tricky maneuver. 

Kit comes with all components, and commercial grade greenhouse film.

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We are in the Macedon Ranges in rural Victoria, about an hour and a half northwest of Melbourne. https://www.visitmacedonranges.com/

Everything – from the products to the boxes we pack your orders in - is made in Australia.
Hubs, elbows and leg spikes are manufactured in Boronia Victoria.
Legs and net clamps are manufactured in Nowra NSW.
Kits are made ready and packed by our social enterprise partners in Ballarat Vic.
Packaging is made in Laverton Vic.
All printed material is via a social enterprise in Kyneton.

This is not by accident, but by design. We are committed to using Australian businesses and social enterprises wherever we can.

The hubs and elbows are made of a nylon and glass mix. The legs are rigid PVC, made to Australian Standards and are UV protected.

All components are made for purpose and can be used and reused in the garden over many many years, we still have frames from the initial manufacturing run being used in our garden and they have years left in them.

However, if you ever finish with them, they can be recycled.

When initially designing the frames, we did explore using metal components. However we found that these retained a significant amount of heat and transferred that to the plants growing on the frames.

All items are covered by Australian Consumer Law, so that is they are all fit for purpose.

All items are made to Australian standards and materials are long lasting and UV protected

We use Australia Post to ship the products throughout Australia 

Once you have the frame design set up, you can fine tune the fit as

- Legs can swivel on the elbows, so you can swing them left/right or back/forward to adjust the size to be wider or narrower, longer or shorter

- You can run a stringline through the holes in the legs and the firmer you pull that the narrower and higher the frame becomes, legs can almost be vertical from the hub

- In raised garden beds, you can sit the frame on top of the soil and push the legs into each corner

- These all make the frames adjustable. As an example the Tall Mini can be configured so that it is between 800 – 1500mm wide and 1600 – 3000mm long