Kits that include a range of different components to play with

Strong and long lasting

Video Instructions

The Flexi Garden Frames® unique Australian Design makes frames easy to build, taking just minutes to set them up and have them ready to use. Lightweight and very manageable, anyone of any age can put these frames together – don’t let the kids run off with them! No hammers, nails or glues, just connect, twist and align.

Putting the frames together

 May need to twist with strength to align edges

 Building wider structures.

A perfect shape as a vegetable garden netting frame or for frost protection for plants.

Building taller structures

Better than tomato stakes, tomato cages or a tomato trellis. The design ensures the plants are open to the air and sunshine, perfect for healthy growing plants.  

Adding netting

The ideal plant frame. Adding netting to protect plants from birds is now a lot easier.

Easy to move


Changing the configuration from high to low


Secure to the ground - if needed