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Fruit Tree Netting

I can hardly believe that there is (was) no such thing as a made for purpose tree frame, frames designed to go over trees so that netting can be easily put over it to stop birds, insects and other critters getting to all that precious fruit. There are so many of us that have fruit trees in the back yard, in pots and on balconies, growing and thriving, fruitful, almost ripe, almost ready to pick until along comes the possum, cockatoo or Fruit Fly to destroy all our delicious fruit. Madness!

But madness no more, because now there is a made for purpose tree frame. With just a few components and no hammers or screws, or driving stakes into the ground, never to get them out again, you can build a frame to fit any sized and shape tree you like. It makes no difference what kind of tree it is or where, Flexi Garden Frames® unique modular design allows you to build, extend, even change frames to be whatever shape you like, just like Meccano and as much fun to play with, build the frame and then, once the bees have done their job, throw the netting over and wait. The open design lets plenty of air and light get to the fruit and you can keep the netting off the tree using upturned legs. So with the fruit protected you can sit back salivating until it ripens and is ready to pick and use. Yum, all mine – and yours! Link to 2.5 tree frame

Narrow canopies or wide, young, or mature trees, even trees on slopes keep the fruit for yourself by easily building a frame to match the trees contours and size.

And use the made to measure net clamps to attach the netting to the frame to keep everything in place (link to net clamps) And for those of us in high wind areas, you can attach our Leg Spikes to the base of the frame and push those into the earth to help secure the frame. Link to spikes