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Watering Plants

Firstly, you will need to connect watering or irrigation components to your frame via the central Hub. To do this you will need to have the Hub with Thread. This hub has a universal 1-inch BSP thread through the middle and it is this size that you will need components to fit, to easily connect a garden hose and sprinkler or drip irrigation system.

Flexi Garden Frames® can be used as the bases for drip irrigation systems for vegetable gardens or as a support for lawn irrigation sprinklers. You can connect watering components so that water sprinkles from the top of the hub, or out through the bottom, depending on your needs. And always remember to use plumbing tape to reduce leaks.

Easy to set up and use in any garden situation, ensure all your plants are kept watered and cool throughout the harsh summer months.

Irrigate With Ease

Other great ideas

Have the sprinkler pointing down from the hub

Create a spray system across the garden bed