Kits that include a range of different components to play with

Strong and long lasting

Square or round garden beds

The Chunky Mini has been designed specifically for round or square beds from as small as 950 mm x 950 mm to 1500 x1500 mm. The design allows you to adjust the size of the frame by swinging the legs on the elbows to make it wider or longer. So the one frame can cover a range of different sized beds.

And it’s the ideal shape to throw protective netting over and being small and light weight, if the frame has netting over it and you want to get to your veg, just pick it up, frame and netting together and move it aside while you garden, and once finished, put it all back over the bed – just like that!

If you would like to make the frame taller, you just need to use our straight elbows to connect extra leg lengths to those going to the ground. Or look at the Tall Mini, which can also be set up as a square or circular frame at about 2 x 2 metres and 1.7 tall