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Plant Protection

How much is there to love about gardening, being outside, doing something tangible, eating what you grow, being healthy and active all in the comfort of your own back yard, balcony, courtyard or farm. What satisfaction and how big the rewards. Until the day you wake up and see the white flare of cockatoos in the trees picking away at your precious fruit. Or that sudden frost that destroys so much, almost as much as that possum that lives somewhere up there. Everywhere you turn something is trying to destroy your hard work, birds and animals, heat or frost, constant surveillance is needed.

And how hard is it to build protection, all those sticks being stuck into the ground, impossible to pull out again, breaking, rotting and stabbing you at every bend or movement, creating an impenetrable barrier, not only against the ravages of animals and weather but against you also, restricting you getting into the garden to look after the plants, to weed and harvest – how much of that gardening joy it takes away?

This is exactly the circumstances we use to live with and one of the main reasons we created Flexi Garden Frames®, the world’s first and only modular all-purpose garden frame. We just could not take it anymore seeing our hard work get destroyed overnight and decided something had to be done, so we created frames that were perfect for protecting our crops AND one that enabled us to still do our gardening.

Even when the frames are covered in netting, the frames are so light that you can easily just pick them up and move them aside and get into the garden and garden

Or just unclip one of the made to measure net clamps, pull the netting aside and the open design of the frames means you can just reach in and do whatever gardening is required.

So if you want to build the perfect shaped frame for bird or insect netting, frost or shade cloth, even to use greenhouse plastic, to turn the frame into a greenhouse, get hold of a Flexi Garden Frames® kit, build away and enjoy!

From seedlings to trees, garden beds of all shapes and sizes, raised beds, big, small, round, square or rectangle, low to the ground or 3 metres tall, build the frame – no hammers or screws required, and cover it to protect your plants, fruit and veg.