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Strong and long lasting


FlexiGardenFrames® provides the ideal garden plants frame for all year-round plant protection. These flexible frames enable you to create any structure that matches your garden and helps provide the best protection for your plants and vegetables, from seed to harvest. 
Once your frame is built then use it to put your garden net over, creating garden cages for plants helping to protect garden from birds, or to stop the cat and dog rolling and digging in it. Growing strawberries? Flexi Garden Frames® are the ideal frame for a strawberry net. Build your frame over the strawberries in 5 minutes and then attach the strawberry net to the frame and just like that your delicious strawberries are now protected.
Also ideal for garden pots, just build the frame over the pot and use netting to protect plants from birds or possums.
FlexiGardenFrames® provides all year-round vegetable garden protection, frames for plant covers and frost protection.

Protect Your Plants
FlexiGardenFrames® is perfect for any of your garden protection needs.
  • Ideal vegetable garden netting frame. Set the frame up over your precious seeds and vegetables, attach your plant protection netting and no more worries! Just let them grow and enjoy!

  • Use Flexi Garden Frames® to create a vegetable garden fence, plant cage and fruit cage. Frames can be joined together, creating ‘greenhouse’ like structures that form the ideal frame for bird netting, shade cloth or frost cloth.

  • No need to ask how to protect plants from frost, Flexi Garden Frames® provides the answers for winter plant protection, by providing an easy to assemble frame for frost cloth to be attached providing essential frost protection for plants during the cold winter months




    Protect Your Seedlings




    *Please note that netting and string is not included