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Small Mini Greenhouse - NEW

The newest addition to our range, and the smaller of the two kits, this modular greenhouse can be set up over your existing garden or raised bed to protect your seedlings from weather and pests. Just plant the seedlings where you want them to grow, cover with the greenhouse and once the warmth and protection is no longer needed, remove the greenhouse film, store for next time and continue to use the frame to support and protect your plants.

Now there is no longer any need to start your plants in a separate location and then transplant the seedlings to a permanent bed, always a tricky maneuver. 

Like all of our components, the greenhouse film is high quality, made in Australia, UV stabilised, with anti-dust, anti-drip and anti fog coatings, designed specifically for Australian conditions. The greenhouse film is clear, so you can see through it to check your seedlings and plants out. When it is time to garden, simply fold the greenhouse film back, do what needs to be done, and then put the film back over the frame. 

The kit comes with clamps to secure the film to the legs and leg spikes to secure the frame to the ground.

You can build the frame to be between -

900 - 1500 mm wide / 1700 - 2200 mm long / 650 - 750 mm tall

Looking for a larger greenhouse, have a look at the Large Mini Greenhouse.