Tall Mini - save 20%

Save 20% on the Tall Mini. We have a small number of Tall Minis from old stock currently on sale. All components are the same as other kits and fit and match all kits and accessories, the only difference is that the colour of the legs is a slightly lighter green. These will not last long at this price.

The newest member of our series of made for purpose garden frames, this incredible frame can cover an area up to 1500 mm wide and 3000 mm long. Sit completely in a bed, or crossing over a number of beds – you can walk under this frame. The perfect trellis for your tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers etc.

The frame comes with 25 metres of plant ties and a threading bodkin to help keep it in position and provide plants something to cling to and climb all over. Perfect also for raised planters, the frame sits in the bed, on the soil, with the legs pushed into the corners.

Incredible adjustable, legs can swing on the elbows so the size can be adjusted to sit in garden beds that are between - 

  • 800 and 2000 mm wide
  • 1600 and 3000 mm long
  • 1600 and 1800 mm tall

Includes postage, threading bodkin and 25 metres of plant ties.


* PLEASE NOTE Products do not come with, netting, hose connectors, hoses or sprinklers.