Strong and long lasting

Flexi Garden Starter Frame- TV Special

A great starting frame that provides natural support for your fruit and veg to grow up and around and the ideal shape to throw protective netting or shade/frost cloth over. The open design lets lots of air and light into the garden for health growth. Lightweight and easy to put together and use, you can move the frame from one bed to the next as needed. No more battling sticks, stakes and ugly odds and ends.

Configure into different shapes depending on the need at the time. The taller configuration, used for brassicas, strawberries, herbs etc, sites at approximately 1000mm wide x 1500mm long and 650mm tall, but can go as small as 800mm wide and 1200mm long. At the lower configuration, as a protection for seedlings and young growth, the frame sits at approximately 1100mm wide, 1800mm long and 400mm tall.

Use 3x3 netting to cover.

* PLEASE NOTE: Products do not come with string, netting, hose connectors, hoses or sprinklers.