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Rejoicing in frames.

I am so pleased to have invented these frames, not only as it got me away from the corporate world and into the garden, but it also put me in contact with so many resourceful gardeners. There is a view by many that are not closely involved, that gardening is a set and forget pursuit. Plant a seed, water it, eat it! What could be simpler! If only it was.

 As we all know, there is plenty more to do than that, and creating framework for the plants to climb over, or to protect them, is just one of those jobs. I get to see some truly wonderful frames and gardens and I thought I would share some with you as inspiration and a tribute to the inventiveness of all gardeners.

Thank you to everyone that sends me photos, they are great to see, and I am so thrilled that the frames have been able to contribute to your gardening enjoyment.

 And apologies for those I have not included, but I will share more in coming months, there are so many to show and rejoice in.

Thank you all for your support and for using the frames so well.