Strong and long lasting

Athol McQueen

It is always a great joy to hear from customers and to see what sized and shaped frames they have been building and how they have been using them. Through this we get to see so many interesting designs and lovely looking and productive gardens. So it was with great pleasure that I received a package in the mail from Athol and Gloria McQueen, in Northern NSW, containing pictures, letters and news reports of Athol’s activities in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, along with pictures of the tree frames they are using in the orchard.

For those that do not recognise his name, Athol was a heavy weight Olympian boxer and the first ever to knock Joe Frazier to the ground, during their fight in Tokyo. Go the Aussies!

I was so happy to see the bespoke tree frames he got from us all up and being used well, not only because they were protecting his trees, but also, I would not have wanted to tempt him into getting his gloves back on to make a visit down here if they hadn’t been! Receiving the photos from him was a lot better for my health! That is a 2.5 metre tree frame he is standing next to, the frame certainly looks a lot bigger than that when I stand next to it.

It is always so fabulous to see and hear about what customers are doing in the garden with the frames, so please feel free to share.