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Trees Flowering out of season!

There is little doubt that we have been experiencing some unusual weather patterns, and in the same way that is stressful to us, it can also be to trees. Apple trees can become temporarily dormant in times of drought or excessive heat and come to life again when rain or cooler weather alleviates that, which may make them bloom. Now this may sound like a good idea, getting apples in winter, but the likelihood of them developing into maturing fruit is very low, due to the weather being colder, so leaving them on the tree will just be a waste of their precious energy.

If you are seeing this happen, simply remove these out of season flowers to help put the tree back into its normal cycle. Make sure you do not feed the tree, as that will just make it try harder to turn the blooms into fruit. While you are there, you can do a light prune if you are seeing a lot of growth.

Other than that, just procced as normal with your tree care and maintenance protocols – proper watering, fertilising outside the normal blooming period, pruning as needed, and ongoing ensure the tree is not stressed by excessive drought or water.