Kits that include a range of different components to play with

Strong and long lasting

Not all fresh is as fresh as fresh!

This carries on from my earlier piece about how many gardeners stop due to the lack of success. Here are some more reasons why you should not be put off and persist.


Fresh -Tick the freshness you prefer.

A – Have an individual looking piece of fruit or veg with its own size, colour and characteristics.

B – Have a uniform looking piece of fruit or veg, where one is exactly the same as the other and the other and the next.

A - Strong unique flavour.

B - Watery identical flavours.

A - Thousands of varieties to choose from.

B - 3 or 4 verities to choose.

A - What you put in the soil and on the fruit, you reap.

B - Comes with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

A - Washed (or not) as required.

B - Washed with sanitising, chlorine-based solutions, or organic acids to remove the residue from the insect, weed and fungal controls it is subjected to.

A - Picked in person a few metres from the kitchen.

B - Machine harvested thousands of kilometres away from the kitchen.

A - Pick and eat when ripe.

B - Pick when unripe for transportation, then use artificial ripening technology.

A - Eat from the plant within minutes to get all the nutrients it has to offer.

B - Get all the nutrients that are left after weeks, even months of travel and storage.

A - Get it within the skin it grew up in.

B - Unpack, unwrap and throw away the plastic.

A - See and feel what you have got.

B - Wax and polish to enhance the look and protect it from the miles of travel it will now need to be subjected to.

A - Home grown.

B - Supermarket sold.

Luckily in Australia we have the choice of eating fruit and vegetable from both options, so whichever you choose, enjoy!