Strong and long lasting

Gardeners eat well.

 I am not sure if many of you saw the CSIRO report on Australian eating habits, released this week, but it was very grim reading for most of the population, except for gardeners of course.

It showed that only 40% of adults reported that they eat three or more different vegetables at their main meal, an indicator of a healthy diet. This very poor result is part of the reason Australia’s obesity crises is making such an impact on so many lives, contributing to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

All those that garden are tackling these issues head on, helping to ensure their lives are as healthy and fulfilling as possible. And it is not just the growing that puts gardeners ahead of so many others.

  • They know how to cook fruit and vegetables also, a skill more and more are losing.

  • They get plenty of exercise.

  • They use less processed and packaged food, better for health, the environment and the planet as a whole.

Gardening does not provide instantaneous gratification, requires ongoing work and can be disappointing when you see your hard work fail due to weather, pests, or unexpected distractions. But this work is rewarded in longer and healthier lives and well worth continuing and pursuing, no matter the obstacles that are put in the way.

I saw these results this week, and felt it was worth congratulating all those that put the work into providing fresh, varied and healthy produce for their family and friends. It is not always simple, and easier ways are always there to tempt us, but resist these temptations, persist in your gardening pursuit and enjoy!