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April Sowing

It’s the start of another month already! The 4th one of the year. Is it just me or is it all a bit of a blur currently?

But there is no need to feel as if time is slipping by and that you are missing out, April is a great time to be planting and in most places in Australia there is a good range of veg you can be planting, especially if you like fresh salad with your meals. You can now start to sow cabbage, kale, leafy greens, leeks, onions, radish and peans, (or as they are more commonly known- peas and beans), all easy to grow fresh staples.

And don’t forget the flowers – cornflowers, poppies, sweet peas will give you some much needed extra colour when they come up.

See a more extensive, but not exhaustive list below.

So, plenty to get going with.