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Time to sow!

Spring is certainly in the air and with this winter being one of the warmest on record, it could be here any moment and then gone! So now is a good time to get sowing.

  • You will first need to select your planting mix. Seed raising mix will be fine. It's worth getting a good quality mix as that will set the plants up for a strong start. 
  • Use a cell tray. When filling it with the mix, don’t push down and compress it, keep it soft and fluffy.
  • Put a seed in each cell and either gently push it down or sprinkle a thin layer of the mix over it. Each seed will get its own space and the roots won’t get tangled together, slowing down growth.
  • Mark up what you have planted and where, it is easy to forget!
  • The right soil temperature is important. You can use a heat mat for that – we are trying one out for the first time. Or keeping them on top of the fridge or hot water service can work.
  • Once they start to emerge, they will be looking for the sun. You can put them in the garden bed and cover them with the greenhouse and look after them there, or on warm sunny days, take them outside to soak up the energy, before taking them back indoors at night to keep them safe and sound.
  • You need to be gentle when watering the seedlings as it is easy to disturb them. I find bottle top sprinklers work well. You can add a small amount of liquid fertiliser to that, to give them a little boost.
  • And just nurture and care for them.
  • But most importantly, enjoy the process.