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Time to plant

Does anyone know what season it is? We have had it all in the last few weeks – dry, wet, hot, cold, humid! Who knows what is going on. But the bottom line is that it is warming up and we are not getting the cold snaps we were, so it is time to get out and do some planting. Even if you are behind with your spring planting, you can still get away with doing it now, as the weather has not hit fully formed summer yet – well not here anyway.

Your beds should already be prepared with compost and mulch. Give them a good watering with liquid fertiliser and get planting – capsicum, cucumbers, eggplants, leaks, lettuce, parsley, rocket, spring onions, tomatoes, and a lot more.

Remember where the sun is – you want the plants to get a good sun soaking each day.

Get your framing in position so that the climbers can climb and you have a structure to add shade protection to for when things really heat up.

For some plants, like beans, you can plant 2 or 3 in the one hole, and just thin out the weaker ones as they grow.

Cut off any part of the plant that is dry and dead to make way for the green and luscious.

And continue to harvest, plant, harvest, plant, harvest, plant!

But most importantly, for those that have not been able to get into the garden to do the planting, the time is now, so get out and enjoy the soil, the plants and the fresh air.