Strong and long lasting

Getting there!

Flexi Garden Frames has only been in the market properly for 3 years, (although it feels like a lot, lot longer) and although we took a real punt with this unique, untried, unheard-of way to make frames for garden beds, trees and bushes, and launched during challenging times, even so over 30,000 gardeners are now using tens of thousands of frames and accessories.

In the hustling and bustling demands of day-to-day business it can often be difficult to recognise how things are goinging, and sometimes you need a flash to help clarify your position, and I got one of those last Friday night.

I do not follow Gardening Australia devotedly, dropping in and out with it depending on what else is on offer on a Friday night, so it was only luck that had me sitting in front of it last week, when during one story I started to see familiar flashes of green come in and out of screen. And then there it was, a large bespoke Flexi Garden Frame sitting behind the interviewee. Well that was exciting, as although the numbers above are good, they are miniscule when compared to the total number of gardeners there are in Australia, so seeing them in a TV programme, that goes to so many gardens made me feel as if the frames have become a part of the gardeners gardening arsenal. There is still a long way to go and much to do, but it’s a good start.

Here is a link to the story (about checking soil health with the Vic EPA) - Series 35 Summer: Contaminated soil and coastal habitats : ABC iview but unfortunately you need to be signed up to ABC iview to watch it.