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Feed the citrus trees.

It gets pretty cold up here, with some snow and plenty of frost, making it a struggle for Citrus trees that would prefer to be around the Mediterranean – I know how they feel! Regardless of that though, we do have a few – a grapefruit, dwarf lemon and a new orange tree. There is almost nothing better than getting your own citrus fruit, it seems so rare and exotic having it just sitting there in easy reach. But as with all things, the reward comes after some effort.

Here are some basic tips for ensuring healthy and productive citrus tree growth.

  • They need well drained soil, rich with organic matter. The soil around the tree does need to retain the water but should also allow excess to drain away so it does not get waterlogged, which could rot the roots.
  • The soil should preferably be between the slightly acidic to neutral PH, 6 – 7.5
  • They like full sun – at least 6 – 8 hours a day – something we don’t see around here much anymore and another thing for them to battle, as we do also.
  • Feeding them lightly to replenish nutrient levels is often necessary, especially about now, the end of Autumn, but not too much, you don’t want the tree to put on a growing spurt as we move into winter.
  • Remove yellowing leaves and weeds around the tree, as they compete for the nutrients.
  • And that should be ok for now.

So not too hard, just a little bit of attention to get them through the winter.