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Each day now gets colder.

Here comes the cold, although I am not sure it ever went away here!

If you have produce like capsicum and eggplants, that will ripen throughout Autumn, you may need to protect them from the cold, depending on where they are situated in the garden and how exposed to the weather they are.

If they are growing in pots, that is an easy fix, as they can be moved to a more sheltered spot. Just make sure you move them properly, as they can be heavy. But for plants that are in the ground you may need to cover them.

You could build a permanent structure, so you can cover whatever is in that spot each year. This will also protect your eggplants and capsicums while they are dormant over winter, so that when spring comes around, they will be ready to grow again. This means there is no need to pull out plants that have stopped producing, just protect them in the bed they are currently in until next spring. With eggplants and capsicums, you could get 3 years out of them this way.

If you don’t want to build a permanent structure, we do have mini greenhouse, that you can build over your current bed where the plants are growing, whether they are in a raised bed, boarded bed or on ground bed. The greenhouses can fit beds that are between 900 – 1700mm wide / 1700 – 2400mm long / 650 – 1200mm tall, and come with commercial grade greenhouse film, that you attach to the frame with the clamps. You can also secure the frame to the ground with the leg spikes, which come with the kits.

To garden, or on hot days, just take the clamps off and fold back the film so you can access your garden, and/or let the fresh air in. Then at night, when it gets cold, just put the film back on and attach to protect the veggies underneath.

We know that winter is coming, but plants under these greenhouses won’t feel the cold!