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Hot, cold, wet and dry!

Well, I guess we should be getting use to that which is upside down being the right way up! It is cold here today and drizzly, but yesterday it was hot and humid, no wonder the trees, veggies and flowers are battling fungal problems. I know how they feel!

In these conditions you will need to be alert and

  • Prune, trim and thin out you plants as soon as you see any discolouration, (that is not caused by the wind or weather) to let lots of air, sunshine and airflow get to the plants.
  • Destroy any infected leaves – don’t put them in the compost and clean your tools afterwards.
  • Feed your plants well.
  • Hydrate the soil around your plants early in the morning. Don’t water from above as that will make the leaves wet and activate the fungal spores.
  • Use disease control packs if things are serious, to stop it spreading.

And if you are looking for more to do, it’s a good time to check your fruit trees, and if they are suckering or new shoots are shooting up, remove them.

Plenty to do, as always!