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Apple Harvets

Although we have quite a few fruit trees on the property, we only really focus on one to harvest. It is an apple tree and while I don’t know the variety, crisp, sweet, juicy and red/green describes the fruit that comes off it.

It is a big tree and we have had it covered since Jan with a 4 x 5 metre frame siting at 2.5 metres tall. It’s taken quite a battering in that time, see it here battling 35km winds. There have been worse, I just have not been able to capture them on tape.

Anyway, at long last it was time to harvest last weekend and what a good harvest it was. We got over 80 kgs or about 700+ apples, more than enough to keep the doctor away each day, plus extra for chutney, which I have to get making.

I know I invented these frames, so I am a little biased, but I do love how easy it was to remove the netting – 5 minutes, and to take the frame down – 10 minutes. And all on my own! So in 15 minutes the net was off in the sun getting dry and the frame was back in the shed resting for next year. Admittedly it did take longer to pick all the fruit, but I don’t mind when there is such a good harvest to enjoy. Then there was thewrapping of them all individually in newspaper to store and use over the next 12 months, which also took a little time, but again all for the good.

Now the tree can rest, it's done a good job. I will keep it trimmed and fed and see if I can get through all the fruit before the next harvest. The race is on!