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Autumn already!

I can't believe we are already in March, heralding the beginning of Autumn. I can certainly tell that from the colour on some of the Maple leaves, but not by the weather, we appear to be experiencing the first full week of Summer so far this year. By all accounts this season, whatever we want to call it, is going to be hot and dry, so the garden will need plenty of care and attention.

Keeping the above in mind, please see below a list of somethings you can consider planting at this time. But be prepared to succeed where you have normally failed and fail where you normally succeed!

I also wanted to flag that we have just launched a new product that maybe of interest to you – extra-long net clamps – 200mm, so twice as long as the current ones we have (but NOT twice the price). We have many customer asking us to include 8 clamps in a kit, which would be twice as much, but rather than doing that we have just made ones that cover twice the area. I have been testing them over the last few weeks and they are great.

Also, in the next month or so, we will be releasing bent elbows that are twice as long as the ones we currently have. These are to create longer connections between the elbows and legs, providing more stability for large frames that are used in places with particularly inclement weather and strong winds. We are getting those tooled currently (in Melbourne).