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Spring Onions ands pumpkins.

If you are looking for something good and easy to grow, think spring onions. They flourish in a variety of climates and can be grown in the ground, raised beds or pots. You can grow lots of them, or just a few in a small space and they prefer cool temperatures so you can grow them across a number of seasons, and most importantly they can produce multiple harvests from a single planting. Even after harvesting, they can rejuvenate new shoots as the energy stored in the base allows them to sprout fresh greens and even more growth.

You can use ones you get from your local grocer (probably not the ones from the supermarket as they may have been treated so they can't regrow). Divide the bunch into single plants, cut off the greenery / stalk and plant the bulb like base into the ground. Done

Pumpkins – knowing when to harvest pumpkins is essential for getting the most out of them. What you are looking for are pumpkins that have reached full size with a deep solid colour, a dry and brittle stem near the fruit, and vines that have started to wither and die back. You can also test to see if the skin is hard - if you can puncture the skin with your finger nail the pumpkin is not ready.

When cutting the pumpkin from the vine, use a sharp knife and leave a good length of the stem attached to help prevent decay. To help extend its storage life, once harvested let the pumpkin sit in the sun for about a week to toughen the outer skin.