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Planting garlic.

Is garlic a miracle crop? Certainly, it can be used in the kitchen in many ways, and it does have medicinal properties – inhibits and destroys bacteria, fungus and parasites, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels, prevents blood clotting, protects the liver, and has anti-cancer properties, which does all sound pretty miraculous.

If that sparks your interest, here are some tips on how to get them growing in your garden, while you still can – warmer climates should have got them in the ground by now, but still have a few weeks to plant them. Cooler climates still have a bit more time.

  • Separate your garlic into individual bulbs.
  • Keep in the fridge for a few days, so they feel as if they have had a bit of winter dormancy, to help activate them.
  • Plant them in good, well treated soil. They prefer the soil to be a little acidic, but if you focus more on the quality and life you have in your soil, the garlic will love that regardless.
  • You want the soil to be loose, not packed in hard.
  • Do not put them into dehydrated soil or water them irregularly, but also don’t let them get wet feet, as they will rot.
  • Push down into the soil, pointy side up and lightly cover with the head sticking up. Put mulch around them – they will push through that.
  • Apply diluted seaweed solution.
  • Harvest to use for Christmas lunch or dinner.
  • What else is so delicious and healthy, that’s a bonus!