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June sowing and bed building

The start of June, the middle of the year, and the beginning of winter, already! WOW, how it all turns over and around so fast.

As always there is plenty to do in the garden and if you are looking for some inspiration, see the sowing guide below.

It is also a good time to start to construct any new beds you may be needing for spring. A one square metre bed is a very good option, a good height, and it can be put almost anywhere, even in small areas like courtyards. It is also easy to work with and put netting over when needed.

Once the bed is built, going from the bottom, you

-       Start with a layer of straw

-       Then a layer of coco pith

-       Then one of compost

-       Followed by a layer of good quality planting mix

-       And finish off with mulch

-       Then sprinkle over with a water, liquid fertiliser solution to help activate the bed

So, it may be cold and dark, but that is no excuse, so get out there and build and sow and grow and eat fresh!