Strong and long lasting

Angus Stewart and Vasili trialling the frames.

You have heard a lot from me recently, so for a change I thought today I would share with you some videos of others using the frames.

The first one is with Angus Stewart, who I am sure many will remember from Gardening Australia. He tested the frame out on one of his WaterUps Wicking beds and talks about the results in this video. I hope you have replicated his success.

About a year or so ago, Vasili, surely he needs no introduction, challenged me to build some frames over his very large and impressive garden beds. He had his doubts and wanted to see for himself what the frames could do. We first built a pretty basic frame, but then extended it all the way along his garden bed - watch here.

Still not satisfied with that, he then wanted to build a very long and tall frame for his tomatoes, which of course we did, working together- watch here.

We had a lot of fun building these frames, which is the idea, and I hope that watching these videos give you some inspiration.

I hope you enjoy watching them. Let me know what you think and please send in any photos you have of the frames you have built and used. I would love to see them.