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Happy New Year

It's good to be starting a New Year in sunshine, and I hope it is a happy and rewarding one for all.

 I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that at last we now have a full range of netting and shade cloth available. There are now 3 netting sizes, so all frames can be covered, as well as a new shade cloth, 1 size that fits all frames. This along with the Greenhouse film rounds off this offering for now. All come with net clamps, so they can be attached to the frames.

 This has taken a little longer than expected, but as we use a number of social enterprises to put these kits together, it requires some organisation and set up.

 On that, this maybe a good time to again reinforce our commitment to being Australian Made, and wherever possible to work with local communities and social enterprises. At this stage that includes –

 - Hubs, elbows and leg spikes being made in Boronia, VIC by Toolcraft

 - The pipe for the legs and net clamps made by Fenske Tooling in Nowra NSW

 - The frame legs are cut to size and drilled, and the kits are packed up by Ballarat Regional Industries (BRI) in Wendouree VIC

 - Printing is all done by Windarring in Kyneton, VIC.We also use Windarring in Bendigo VIC to cut and package netting

 - And finally, all cartons are made by Imperial Cartons in Laverton Vic

 We love working with all these businesses and our commitment to them is ongoing and continues.

Once again, have a great year and I look forward to talking with you more throughout it