Strong and long lasting

Mid-February planting

Is what was, the same as that which is now? So much about the weather is changing, it is hard to know if what has been planted at this time over the years past, will still be appropriate under our new, current conditions. As with all things, it is impossible to know and the best we can do is try it out, see what happens and learn for next time. For me, I am casting my eye towards Tasmania to see how they do it so well down there, as the temperature here certainly seems to be getting colder and wetter (for now).

But if we are to be traditional, now would be the time to start to plant for Winter and even Spring, so you can have ready access to the food you like, and not have to pay the ever increasing and maddening prices that are being charged for them in the Supermarkets.

So here is what I have planted at this time of the year in the past.

  • Seed sown carrots, planted now, should reach a good eating size by the beginning of May, when the cooler months (surely it can’t get cooler than it is now) will slow their growth down.  
  • More silverbeet, as whatever you have there now will become diseased during winter. Give them a weekly watering (we are getting that daily currently) with diluted liquid fertiliser.  
  • Lettuce seeds – winter lettuce not the normal summer lettuce. Keep the plants growing quickly with plenty of water, as without it they can become bitter.  
  • Turnips, to be harvested when still quite small.  
  • English spinach is a valuable winter vegetable. It needs plenty of lime, so a few weeks before planting, spread a generous amount, a couple of big handfuls, across the garden bed and rake it in.  
  • The main brassicas seedlings to plant now are Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and for those that like that kind of thing, Brussels Sprouts. For all of these they need good rich firm soil around them, ensuring they don’t fall over when they have gained weight. 

So busy times in the garden, but a good way to spend your time, being outside and energetic, and somewhat more tangible than a good walk ruined!