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The Tyranny of Sticks

There’s a certain charm about building protection for your precious crops with sticks and stakes you’ve got lying around. We’ve done it ourselves, trying to save our asparagus from the wild ducks who love nothing more than to nip the tender tips as they appear

The structure – sticks, stakes, netting and more – that you build quickly becomes impenetrable to pests BUT, inevitably, the fixed nature of what you’ve hammered into the ground quickly becomes impenetrable to the gardener too! Getting in to weed becomes a battle. As you pull out a stake or two to harvest something for dinner, the inflexibility of your design becomes apparent when you need to find a hammer to return the structure to its original shape. Then the sticks begin breaking down and seem to need constant repair.

All of which turns what was once charming into an unattractive, difficult and messy affair. 


FlexiGardenFrames were created with all of this in mind. FlexiGardenFrames are long-lasting, reusable and reconfigurable. We did away with the need to battle with inflexible borders by making them light-weight, therefore effortless to move. Our frames make it easy to garden, even when covered with netting. They sit on the ground, no hammering required.

They’re attractive, too - the green legs blend in with the plants you’re growing, unifying the garden space. And the best thing? They’re incredibly easy to assemble and reassemble as your garden grows.

Gardening is challenging enough without adding to your workload. Gardening should be about enjoyment and ease wherever possible! No more hammering, no more battling and more produce for you and your family. Sounds good? Free yourself from the tyranny of sticks; find everything you need to get growing here