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A Frame, Not A Border

Borders can be incredibly useful. They keep things in, they keep things out. Borders are what we naturally gravitate toward when we garden – we want to protect our precious plants.

But borders are, by their very nature, inflexible. They become a barrier to both pest and user alike. We wanted to create a garden product that protected plants from things like frost, heat, birds and pets, but not confine plants like a prison wall. No garden is free of the odd bit of tending, and a fixed border can be discouraging.

So, we began to think about how to frame the garden instead, to build a flexible structure that could be adjusted as plants grow, as a garden’s needs change throughout the seasons. Not a barrier, but a structure that sits in among the plants, providing natural support, increasing airflow to keep disease at bay and still allowing plenty of access to sunlight.

FlexiGardenFrames make it so easy to get into the garden so that you can, you know, actually garden! Weeding, harvesting and cleaning up at the end of the season are made that much simpler by being able to simply lift the lightweight frames off your garden beds. They can then be reconfigured for the next crop, and adjusted as that crop grows. Over and over. Sounds good?  

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