Strong and long lasting

The perfect climbing frames for tomatoes, peas, beans, and cucumbers

Tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere, up in the air or over the ground, they are staring to grow! They are still seedlings at our place in Victoria as even though it is spring, it is still winter, but in warmer parts of the country they are climbing well, trying to reach the sun they love so much (as we are)!


There are 3 vital things that help tomatoes grow - sun, good soil and support. Although we can do little as far as your soil is concerned, Flexi Garden Frames are made to let as much sun and air get to your plants as possible, being a wide and open design, unlike so many tomato frames that like to cram as many tomatoes as they can into the smallest space possible, Flexi Garden Frames legs sit in the corners of the bed, leaving the rest of the bed open to the sun and air for healthy and productive growth, as well as making it easy for you to reach in and harvest, which is the whole point!

And as far as providing support, well there is no better frame, Flexi Garden Frames have been designed specifically to provide support for climbing plants, encouraging your plants to grow, grow, grow, whether tomatoes, beans, peas, or cucumbers. Once you have run a string line around the frame, (a threading bodkin is very useful for this) your plants will cling on and grow wild!

You can even espalier them along the string line and cover the frames completely.

And if you want the tomatoes to grow up a string line, simply drop one down from the connecting legs at the top of the frame and away they will grow. Both the Giant Mini - Giant Mini Greenhouse - Flexi Garden Frames and the Tall Mini - Tall Mini - Flexi Garden Frames are perfect frames to grow tomatoes up. However, being the world’s first and only modular frame, you can design and make up any kind of frame you like to fit the space and size of the location you are growing in.

Perfect for use in raised garden beds, garden pots or just over the ground, you can now grow healthy and productive tomatoes and other climbing veg wherever you want them to be. Enjoy!